Does Facebook have a print fetish?

Fascinating article out of Collectors Weekly.

Looks like Facebook has a print shop and they use print for their internal brand.

You’d think a firm with as many resources as Facebook wouldn’t need to rely on the passion of a renegade screenprinter to spread its internal messaging, but corporate cultures, especially those in the Silicon Valley, live and die on the passions of their people. For Barry, having an in-house print shop, fancy name or not, also had practical advantages. “It’s a lot more work, but being able to have an idea, design it, and then print it in a matter of hours is just amazing. You’re able to do things quicker and you have more control than if you had to send it out.”

Also, they are looking at different ways to tie print to Facebook.  You can even make Facebook business cards from your profile from Moo.

Some people are already sharing hard copies of their Facebook content in a very old-fashioned way. “We recently launched Timeline business cards,” he says. “With Timeline, you’re able to have a profile picture, your name, and other information. Through MOO Cards, you can now pull in your cover photo and stuff, and they will print a set of Facebook business cards for you. It doesn’t say Facebook on it or anything like that—it’s just your information, your content. To me, that’s a really interesting translation, taking this online content and giving it a physical form.”