The Package Sells The Product


The Daniels Group is your packaging outsource partner. We can produce a variety of products for a diverse selection of packaging requirements.

We also offer innovative solutions to managing your packaging requirements as we drive down inventories and transaction costs, and help you maintain a competitive price in the market place.

The company grew up on packaging, and we can offer the best experience in the business.

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Custom Solutions

No matter if you are a hosiery company or a nutraceutical manufacturer, developing your own brands The Daniels Group will help you create a dynamic package, and sell your product through several channels; internet, direct to small/medium retailers, and catalogs.


We’ve implemented GRACoL 7 Color Management Standards and the results are crystal clear. GRACoL is a rigorous color standard calibration process based on ISO & Grey Balance standards which allows us to calibrate our presses so that each press prints to the same standard – allowing color match, not only to the proof, but from press to press.

No more compromise on color. No more “we’ll fix it when we get to press”. With GRACoL standards, when the proof is approved the press WILL match. Best of all there’s no additional cost to you – just a time savings and “no excuses” color.

Structural Design

There are two decisions that must be made when designing a package for market, ship and protect the product inside: what shape will the package take, and what graphics (images other than type) will be added to identify and sell the product? With advances in computer technology and CAD (Computer Aided Design), a client may see a full-color, three-dimensional mock-up of the finished product before any production costs are incurred.

Once the shape of the package has been determined, the graphics and type which will identify and market the product are registered (aligned) to each panel. The customer will be able to approve the printed sample and move on to production.

Fulfillment and Inventory

We provide product assembly, order processing, product returns, pick pack & ship or other shipment services to your customers.We offer many advantages to large and small businesses:

  • Usage-based costs avoids expensive “do-it-yourself” labor and real estate costs
  • Flexible operations easy handle your seasonal changes in business
  • Experienced professionals develop and implement your outsourcing strategy

Full warehousing and fulfillment services in a controlled environment keep you in command of your projects. Everything you need is provided to fulfill requests accurately and on-time.

  • 20,000 sq. ft. facility
  • Climate-controlled warehouse
  • Computerized inventory control system
Brand Management

Our support helps these brands speed to market, control their brand standards, and maintain their supply chain.

  • Consistent quality with printed packaging
  • On time delivery of needed materials for supply chain
  • Consistent color match from fabrics to packaging
  • Cost reduction associated with materials management and obsolescence