10 Great Giveaway Ideas for Colleges

By Gabrielle Liner, Promotions Project Manager

There is SO much potential when it comes to college promotional products.  Students are the perfect recipients for branded swag!  They generally love free stuff and are excited to rep a college they’re attending or considering attending.

We’ve compiled some ideas as you select the perfect giveaway for your college, but here’s a few pointers as you begin the hunt:

  • Your opinion counts but get feedback from the students you’re hoping to reach.
  • Don’t lose sight of the tried and true but keep a pulse on what’s popular and what’s trending now.
  • HAVE FUN! College students have energy for out-of-the-box products.


College students are mobile and are usually in desperate need of a good umbrella on their long walks across campus.

I can’t say how many times I’ve seen fellow students (and myself) get blasted by an unexpected rain storm.


Sunglasses have been a classic giveaway for years, and they remain a go-to for colleges.  But you don’t have to go with the basic choice… make a statement!

Water bottles

Another giveaway classic.

Research the current/ trendy styles.  That goes a long way in the college realm.


Who doesn’t love free clothing!?  Most colleges know and own that.

You won’t go wrong with a basic t-shirt, but you can stand out from the college sea of shirts by going with something a bit more unique (like a long-sleeve jersey baseball tee).


This option will help you stick out from the crowd!

But if you go for it, go ALL the way and get a quality product.

Vinyl Stickers

At what other time of life will people decorate their computers, water bottles, binders, cars, etc. with stickers?

Take advantage and give students all the decorating arsenal!!

Power Banks

College students are always on the go (and generally with their mobile phone in-hand).

A portable power bank is super convenient.

One pointer about mobile tech – Always check mobile compatibility.  Some of the new mobile tech accessories are only compatible with newer phones (which may or may not fit your college student population).

Sport Tote Bags

These bags are so convenient and are used often by students (whether for gym class or other excursions).


Keychains are perfect for college students – they can hang it on their backpack or use it to carry around newly acquired dorm/car keys.

Consider getting a dual-purpose keychain to increase functionality and usage (like a USB or flashlight).

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are just plain FUN and are perfect for college events.

Need help finding the perfect branded product?  Reach out to Gabrielle Liner, Promotions Project Manager. She can guide you through the process of selecting and purchasing a product that fits your brand! The Daniels Group is a communications company with the tools and knowledge to help you grow your business.