Answering Service

Customer Service, trained for you

Daniels Communications, a division of The Daniels Group, our professional customer service agents can help you and your customers connect. Our fully-trained and courteous operators are there to take your customer calls anytime – day or night.

We provide HIPAA-compliant call center services for professionals – from doctors and health care organizations to plumbing, HVAC, electrical and restoration services who need to connect to their customers quickly and efficiently.

You’re never closed:

  • Not only does our live business answering service operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, we’re also scalable and prepared to start answering your calls within 3-days of your consultation.
  • Trained customer service professionals will follow your telephone script to ensure your clients receive customer service tailored to your brand.
  • Whether it’s a holiday, weather event or disruption-our system stays in place. Your 24-hour answering service won’t be knocked out.
  • No more seasonal hires: We’re fully staffed during major holidays or peak seasons, count on us when you’re understaffed.

Flexible Plans Starting at $40 per Month


Live Chat, SMS Texting, Email support

Streamlined communication across all channels

In a competitive landscape customer acquisition and retention are essential to an organization’s success. We specialize in a superior customer experience that builds loyalty and trust.

We focus on support and solutions as we serve your client’s needs.

  • White Glove/Concierge Service
  • Instant Messaging Support
  • Help Desk
  • Email Support
  • Live Chat Support
  • Channel Overflow
  • Appointment Reminders and Scheduling
  • Customized Plans Available

Case Study

A Call for help: COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments

We recently helped several counties manage their inbound call volume by ramping up quickly when the COVID vaccine wait list was published. Our staff received exceptional reviews from residents, and our client was able to show that they stepped up when the demand called for it.

“We’re helping out these call centers that are so overwhelmed. We actually got 90,000 phone calls in one day. The county would have their systems shutdown, but we were able to handle it”.

Paul HedgecockVP of Operations, The Daniels Group

Video courtesy of WLOS.

Healthcare Secure Messaging App

misecure - secure messaging app
  • HIPAA-Compliant

    Increase productivity, reduce errors, and eliminate security risks within your organization by using HIPAA-compliant secure communications.

  • Best-in-class App

    miSecureMessages is an award-winning messaging and notification application that sends encrypted messages and attachments to Android™ and Apple™ mobile and wearable devices.

Mobile App Features

We Focus on Your Text Message Security

  • Encrypt all of your messages
  • Remote storage – your messages are not stored on your devices
  • Unique Passcode and Password settings
  • Remote Disabling – to prevent access when a device is lost or stolen – without losing any messages

Secure text messagingYou Can React Faster

Speed your response time with immediate message delivery. Featuring secure text messages with:

  • Persistent Alerts – both visual and audio
  • Push Notifications
  • Great coverage using 3G/4G and WiFi

View Messages At a Glance

miSecureMessages speeds communications by keeping your professional messages separate from other texts and messages. Instantly see messages that:

  • Remain Unread
  • Require High Priority
  • Include Attachments

Convenient Two-Way Messaging

Easily receive and reply to important messages with device-to-device messaging miSecureMessages streamlines the process:

  • Interact with one person, multiple people, or an entire group
  • Speeds your conversations using native Android and iOS apps
  • Offers quiet communications – no need for overhead paging.

Connect with us or call for a live quote (800) 260-2360

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