3 Gift Giving Tips for your Company during the Holiday Season

By Gabrielle LinerPrint and Promo Project Manager

We’ve been getting all the winter weather here in the WNC mountains, and the planners in the room are making preparations for the holiday season. What does your business do during the holidays?  This time of the year gives companies the perfect opportunity to show appreciation.

Below are 3 tips as you approach company gifts – These guidelines will help your business invest in products that stand out and show off your brand in the best light:

1. It’s all about presentation

Packaging is powerful. You don’t give out your own personal gifts via old torn shipping boxes. The anticipation of a wrapped gift is almost as exciting (if not more exciting) than getting the actual item inside.

Custom packaging is one of the least utilized but most effective strategies in the Promotional Products Industry.  Think of how your favorite consumer brands package their products (Apple, Nike, etc.).

Mailer Box

Here’s a custom mailer box we help produce for one of our clients. The whole package (custom box and stuffing) takes their brand messaging to the next level and it makes their recipients pause, think, and treasure what’s inside the box.

2. Don’t be scared to brand your gift BUT be classy and consider your target audience

Feel free to utilize the opportunity to brand your gift (It’s a great way to remind the recipient that this gift has come from you years down the road).

However, make the branded decoration classy.  Think about your target audience and ask yourself if you’d use the item if it was given to you by another company. The more creative you get during the holidays, the better.

Depending on your audience, consider doing an artsy decoration that fits your brand (flowers, geometric shapes, funny cartoon, etc.) where your company name or logo is creatively included.


This was not a holiday gift, but it’s a great example of a creative decoration for a branded product. Rather than just using their logo, the St. Augustine VCB partnered with us to produce a matte, square coaster with this design to achieve the look of a historic tile (something that fits their brand completely).

3. Always go for quality over quantity

Cheap promotional products are a waste of material, time and money… And this time of year is definitely not the time to go with some basic pen.

Going for quality doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune either, though. Crafty employees can help package and hand write personal notes to the recipients.  And if you’re trying to decide between giving out 25 classy gifts or 75 cheap gifts – limit your gift recipient list and go with quality.  Cheap gifts will last a few months at best and then end up in the trash.

SMC mug

Here’s another example of a great use of decoration. Knowing their target audience, Spartanburg Methodist College branded these high-end tumblers with their logo (because students and alumni are proud to represent), but they took it one step further by doing a laser engraving to emphasize the quality of the product.