4 Facts about Direct Mail that will Surprise You

By Gabrielle Liner

Is direct mail even relevant in this day and age?  The statistics prove that it is — And if done right, it could lead your company to a much higher ROI as you invest in marketing.

  • Direct mail has the highest response rate compared to other marketing tactics

According to Compu Mail, the direct mail household response rate is 5.1%  — the highest response rate the DMA has reported since 2003. In comparison, the response rate for other tactics are: email and paid search at .6%; online display at .2%; and social media at .4%.

  • Using digital and direct mail in one campaign yields the highest results

Another statistic from Compu Mail states that marketing campaigns using both direct mail and digital media platforms experienced a 118% increase in response rate (compared to those who just use direct mail). Compu Mail also reports that direct mail with digital ads yield a 28% higher conversion rate overall.

  • Direct mail is easier on the brain

The Canada Post published a study on the neuroscience behind direct mail revealing that direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort than messages coming through digital platforms. The study also revealed that brand recall was 70% higher for those who were exposed to direct mail versus digital ads. Forbes also reported that 60% of people said direct mail made a more lasting impression and they have an easier time recalling the information later.

  • Direct mail makes people feel valued

A study by Forbes reported that 57% of respondents said that receiving a postcard made them feel ‘more valued and creates a more authentic relationship’ with the brand.  The study also showed that 36% of people get excited and look forward to checking their mailbox everyday. Small Biz Trends states that 70% of Americans consider mail more personal than the internet.

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