6 Great Ideas for Print

1. Print Helps in Managing Events

What do your salespeople do with all the business cards they collect at trade shows? How long do you think it takes for a potential client to forget about you after leaving an event – even one you hosted? One strategy that some of our clients employ to improve results from events is to have a personalized packet mailed immediately after a show. It reinforces the relationship and has a longer shelf-life than an emailed “thank you for attending.”

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2. Increase Your Relevance

How do you target an audience that wants to hear your message and then deliver that message in a way that causes action? In printing, we used to talk in terms of personalization to increase results. However, we learned that staying focused on relevance is a better way of thinking. One method used to increase relevance is variable printing. This technique uses the descriptive information you have about your audience to catch their interest (e.g. age, hobbies, gender, business size). For example, if you are advertising an amusement park to potential visitors knowing the number of children in their household could help. (“Dear Janice, keeping three kids busy this summer doesn’t have to be a chore.”) Also, try asking your print salesperson for successful examples or case studies. He or she may have ideas that have worked in similar markets.

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3. Try a New Delivery Mechanism

Standard mail is not the only way to deliver a printed marketing message. For example, magazine inserts can allow you to target a very specific audience (i.e. the type of person who would read the magazine) without buying the use of a list. In many cases the cost the publisher charges you to insert your piece is no more than postal costs – sometimes it can even be less.

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4. Put Your In-House Lists to the Test

Many of our customers are in love with their own in-house lists. However, cost-effective lists exist that can provide you with an additional target base. Here’s a random sampling of a few available lists: Residence addresses for male nurses, student members of the American Chemical Society, consumers who have shopped online, members of the National Book Club, consumers who have purchased a tutorial on investing in the last 12 months, etc., etc., etc. If you are producing a mailing of 5,000 or more, consider splitting the mailing between your in- house list and a purchased list to open your message up to a broader audience.

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5. Try Out a New Call-to-Action and Measure It

A key to making your printed marketing better is to measure how effective it has been and improve as you learn. The call-to-action of your marketing materials is vital. Many times the success or failure of a specific campaign goes unmeasured because you have the identical call-to-action for everything you do. Instead of listing the same URL or telephone number on everything you produce, try using a dedicated call-to-action in your next direct mail campaign. A few ideas include: a dedicated “splash page” with the same branding elements as the direct mail, using personalized codes in the direct mail to make ordering or registration more simple, using a dedicated toll free number with operators to ask questions, or business reply cards with the respondents’ contact information already pre-populated. When you are sending a direct mail to a broad audience you may want to consider providing options in your call-to-action (complete a business reply card or call a toll free number).

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6. Conduct Market Research

The less your marketing is based on assumptions and the more it is based on research, the more successful you will be. You can and should incorporate market research each year as a way to learn and gather testimonials.

Response rates will increase if you target the right audience, make it easy for them to respond, and give them something for their troubles. If you are collecting information at a web site but using direct mail to drive traffic to the site, include a code on the direct mailer that the person can enter when they arrive at the site. This code can pre-populate all the known contact information, decreasing the amount of time it takes to complete the survey. This should reduce your abandonment rates online. Using a code also works when using a toll free number to call. The operator can use the code to pull up the current information on the caller. The operator then only needs to ask questions to confirm the contact info and your survey questions. Once your research is complete, follow up with your respondents. Variable data can be used to customize letters that address their likes and dislikes. If you have a giveaway item as a thank you it does help improve participation as well.

How Daniels Graphics Helps: Web Applications, Call Center with 24/7 Staffing, Offset & Variable Printing, List Acquisition, Mailing Services.

Let us know how we can help make your next marketing effort a great one. Consult with your Daniels Graphics account rep that can, if needed, bring in a team of support.