8 Great Fundraising Habits

From Fundraising Success – By Jeff Jowdy

  1. Develop meaningful relationships with donors. Get to know your donors — each is different. Help to meet their needs and interests.
  2. Say “thank you” more than “please.” Be sure that your next request is a welcome one!YSB_fundraising-web-graphic
  3. Treat every donor and prospective donor with respect. We can get caught up in reaching our goals, but at every level you must treat donors with respect — in how you discuss them, maintain information on them, etc., treat them with the utmost respect. Treat them like you would like to be treated.
  4. Begin with the family — and then leadership. With every campaign, every appeal, be sure that your family is on board and setting the pace. That means board and staff giving, and advisory groups. And within those, it means starting with the leadership.
  5. Be transparent. Don’t mislead donors. Give them the honest and accurate information they deserve in appeals and in response to any inquiries.
  6. Be timely. Respond to your donors with urgency — from a thank-you note or call to how you process a gift. And with how you provide updates on the impact of their philanthropy.
  7. Deliver on your promises. If you promise that a gift will have a certain impact or will be used in a certain area, be sure this happens. Honor your commitments. If circumstances have changed, let your donors know (see No. 6)!
  8. Be sequential. Approach those with greatest capacity first and work your way through the giving pyramid. Campaigns are not usually won with small gifts.