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We are a family owned business that has provided independent 3rd party monitoring services for over 40 years to regional dealers. We do not sell or service alarm systems. Our sole purpose is to be a central station service partner to our dealer clients. Our state-of-the-art monitoring station equipment offers advanced telecommunications, computing, and power technology to deliver the fastest alarm response and service-call support available.

Fully Licensed and Insured:

All of our employees are registered by the State of North Carolina Alarm Systems Licensing Board. The agency, which is a part of the NC Attorney General’s office, conducts a thorough background investigation of applicants and of existing employees bi-annually. No employee may be employed or continue to work at Daniels without this certification. (In fact, we were one of the first companies licensed)

Digital Monitoring:

Our monitoring center, located in Asheville, North Carolina, uses up-to-date digital receiving technology that can handle all reporting formats. All of our receiving equipment and computer automation servers are fully redundant. Our backup system includes a large central uninterruptible power supply, dual natural gas generators, and a digital voice logging system.

We use DSC SurGard System III digital receivers with auto-switching, UL redundancy. These receivers are compatible with the communication needs of all security industry standard reporting formats. This flexibility gives our dealers the freedom to use the communications equipment of their choice. All digital signals are processed through redundant, fully supervised ISDN PRI spans.

Secure Backup:

Cellular/Radio Backup. Our systems include wireless backup monitoring so that if the land line connection to the alarm system fails, the security or fire signal will still get through. Daniels is an authorized Honeywell AlarmNet central station subscriber. This wireless network provides internet communications between a subscriber and the central station even if there is phone line failure.

Professional and Independent:

We are an independent central station business. We are not in the alarm systems sales or installation business. We are not potential competitors to our dealer customers nor will any subscriber signal receive preferential handling. And just like our independent dealer partners, we are here for the long term, committed to a high quality, customer-first service model. Our experienced staff is always available to assist our dealers’ technicians in getting accounts set up and reporting properly and getting accounts on- and off-test without delays.

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