Branded Giveaways for your Fall/Winter Festivals

The most anticipated seasons of the year (at least in my opinion) are almost here! Who is excited for cooler weather, pumpkins, and some PSLs (aka Pumpkin Spice Lattes)? One of my favorite things about the season are the fall/winter festivals. Bring on the pumpkin carving, apple picking, music, food, and free GIVEAWAYS! If you’re helping with a fall festival or event – Below is a wide range of giveaway options (ideas for both large & small budgets and a wide range of ages).

Speckled Drinkware

Trendy and they represent for all things outdoorsy and folksy with their cute “campfire” look.










Stadium Seating & Blankets

It’s football time!  If you have a bigger budget for giveaways or plan to do raffle prizes – these are desirable and timely pieces for the season!







Bubble Wands

Don’t forget about the kids! Most fall festivals are centered around children, and bubble wands are always a crowd-pleaser!









Enamel Pins

Doing an event for pre-teens or teens? Well, if you’ve ever stepped into a BoxLunch store, you will know that Enamel Pins are IN.  Teens collect them, pin them to their jackets, etc.










Long Sleeve Shirts & Hoodies

Nothing new here but a classic giveaway that people will wear time and time again after the event is long over.


Hackey Sacks!

Another activity-based idea for the kiddos.  Traditional hackey sacks are always fun, but you can also do custom hackey sacks (like little footballs)!






Travel Friendly Art Crafts

If you have craft stations, branded crayon sets (or other travel-friendly art supplies) are always a nice addition that get people excited to participate!










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