Combining NFC Technology and Print

Near Field Technology (NFC) is the latest way to combine the print space with the digital space. While it’s been used overseas for some time, it’s just starting to gain a foot hold in America.    A printed piece with an NFC tag enables a user to simply tap their phone to the piece and go to a

website or video. This is different from a QR code in that there’s no app to download or open, and the user doesn’t have a code to scan. Today’s Smart Phones come with this built in, so consumers already have this technology.

  • Interact with end-users to provide up-to-date information, sell them services (e.g., concert tickets or ringtone downloads), or provide them with the means to make contact at their own convenience (e.g., “Touch here to download the phone number for our service agent”)
  • Dynamically select or update the content accessed via the Smart Poster. This can occur in response to an application stored with personalized in- formation on the user’s NFC device or, information such as fresh produce prices can be updated in a back-end system
  • Establish which information is actually meeting its objectives (for exam- ple, is the advertising reaching the correct demographic/number of people?)
  • Create instantly achievable calls to action (e.g., downloading music via an advertising NFC Smart Poster)