Customized Project Management Tools

Your time is more than just valuable – it is limited. The Daniels Group offers options that shift much of your marketing project management burden to us. We help you find ways of increasing the efficiency of your projects, driving out costs and improving results.

Chapter/Affiliate Projects

Challenge: Gathering information and enforcing deadlines with your groups (e.g. dealers, chapters, affiliates, etc.) is proving to be difficult.

Solution: We discuss your unique needs and issues with you. We then develop a program to manage communications, enforce deadlines, control production, ensure specifications are met, and set delivery schedules. We work with your groups directly to execute the plan, getting you involved only when your guidance is needed. You are assigned a dedicated Project Manager who can provide you with updates as you need them.

Communication Plans

Challenge: You have several direct marketing projects scattered throughout the year, each taking a different amount of time to complete. How do you manage your marketing calendar to meet all of your deadlines?

Solution: We help you build a communications calendar. This allows us to proactively provide cost-saving suggestions on design and delivery before each project begins. We analyze any similar projects to provide you feedback on potential improvements.


Challenge: You want to deliver customized packages of collateral based individual requests. However, you have neither the time to assemble packages nor the space to store the literature. You also don’t know if you should use the web, mail reply, or telephone to collect the requests for information.

Solution: The Daniels Group offers several services to help you fulfill customized orders. We provide web form development, inbound call center, and business reply card services that route the requests to us. Based on your target audience, we suggest which reply mechanism(s) will work best. As we receive requests, we assemble and deliver your orders, providing you with reports on a scheduled basis.

Results Management

Challenge: You don’t know the relative effectiveness of your marketing activities. You want to know how well your last direct mailer compared to a print advertisement in terms of response rate. The few analytical tools you do have are underutilized because you lack the time to use them effectively.

Solution: The Daniels Group is a solution provider offering web forms, business reply mail, and call center solutions that act as your call-to-action in your marketing activities. Instead of providing you with reporting tools you won’t use, we provide you with the reports themselves.

Mailing Services

Challenges: Your charges for postage have increased due to new postal regulations. You also run into scheduling problems with your direct marketing because your printer and mail house are two separate companies. Finally, your contact database is full of incorrect addresses.

Solution: The Daniels Group has a Mailing Workflow Team whose responsibility is to stay up-to-date on how postal regulations affect the cost of direct marketing. We can provide you will both design and procedural suggestions to save money. We send your mailing database through Delivery Point Validation (DPV) and National Change of Address (NCOA) processes to maximize delivery rates. We can update your database with any new address information so that future mailings are improved.