Daniels Graphics switches to a more sustainable printing plate

As part of our ongoing environmental and quality efforts,  we’ve switched our plates to Agfa‘s Azura chemistry-free plate.

“Switching from a conventional plate to Azura TU means less waste, less disposal costs, less maintenance, and a safer work environment. It also equals water savings of more than 95%”, says Dirk Debusscher, Vice President Prepress, Agfa Graphics. “Azura TU is more reliable, consistent and environment-friendly than any conventional plate making system.”

With a direct-on-press workflow, time to press is considerably shorter and the waste is drastically reduced. As the Azura TE plates are cleaned out on-press, the system requires no processor, no chemistry and no water. This entails lower energy consumption and less maintenance, thus resulting in environment-friendly operations as well as cost reductions.

Azura TE, however, does not sacrifice on image quality and pressroom working conditions. Mounted on the press, Azura TE behaves very similarly to a traditionally processed or chemistry-free plate, limiting the variables in press room operations. The plates clean out rapidly and ink acceptance is immediate, both resulting in sellable sheets after only a few copies. *  This results in smaller make-ready times, saving energy and paper waste.