Digital Telephony Infrastructure

Our clients want to access the information they need at any time from virtually any place. It’s a fundamental and critical part of our call center business. With our 100% digital, web-enabled messaging system, our clients can remotely access schedules, directories, reports, telephone scripts and even historical call data quickly and efficiently.

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Digital TechnologyFull Account Access includes:

  • Users can send direct requests to our operators for immediate chat sessions.
  • Our Intelligent Series web and mobile applications to manage your status and send secure text messages, and to view directories and on-call schedules.
  • We deliver time-sensitive information with a secure text messaging application so that staff can respond to customer needs in minutes.
  • Access to web-based scheduling, appointment taking and appointment reminder solutions.
  • Integrate on-call schedule information with a secure text messaging mobile app for iPhone and Android device users.
  • Display a roster of who is currently covering on-call shifts and manage schedule information from the home screen.
  • Provide customizable script-driven data collection using only a web browser.
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