Choose Your Call Center Plan

Features & Pricing for Business Accounts

“Hey” Plan includes

  • Always on 24/7/365. Never an added fee to do our job.
  • Ensure you are getting the best possible service with our call recording system. You have online access to 100% of your calls.
  • Monitor your specific marketing campaigns and track results by using unique phone numbers for different purposes (up to 2).
  • Messages can be sent to you using a variety of methods; all based on what fits your business needs.

“Howdy” Plan includes ALL above AND

  • You can login remotely and monitor messages and other important activity at any time.
  • Receive daily, weekly, or monthly reports on your account’s activity.
  • Friendly and professional greetings and calls scripts are designed to grow your business and provide outstanding customer service.

“YOO-HOO” Plan includes ALL above AND

  • With your permission, we will call every number back if they are disconnected or aren’t answered for some reason, so you never miss a lead or service call.
  • Prioritize your on-call list to determine who receives a call and when.
  • Ensure your customers are being taken care of by sending a simple 4-digit reply that lets us know you received the call.
  • Appointments are efficiently and accurately scheduled for you using our in-house appointment scheduling system.
  • Using Internet marketing? Great! We’ll promptly respond to your conversions, sending you only the qualified leads.

“HI-DE-HO” Plan includes ALL above AND

  • We will crunch the numbers. Tell us what information you want, and we’ll assemble robust reports for you.
  • Enterprise-wide program? No problem. We’ll assign a dedicated account manager to ensure you are receiving concierge-level service.
  • To save you time and hassle, we can immediately transfer your calls to you, upon your request. No additional cost.
  • Instantly connect with your customers online via webchat. After setup, no additional charges.
  • If you are already using software for scheduling appointments, we can use it too. You provide access; we’ll train our operators.
  • If your callers are providing medical or other sensitive information, we can securely transmit all information via HIPAA-compliant messaging.
  • Group different types of calls together for program-specific, sub-account reporting.
  • Your team can use our call handling system (free of charge) to schedule appointments or take messages just as our operators would. This way, all of your client interactions are managed using one system.
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