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The Daniels Group provides one the most flexible, innovative, and feature-rich cloud-based platforms for managing marketing assets. Our FlightDeck Portals go beyond a typical web-to-print ordering process and instead provide REAL benefits for your entire marketing team.

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Top 5 Benefits

FlightDeck Portal DevicesThe Daniels Group’s FlightDeck Portal goes wherever you go – from Desktop to Tablet to Smartphone!

With a FlightDeck Portal, you can:

  1. Access your marketing resources and digital assets from a single portal
  2. Manage which items can be modified in the field and exactly what content is variable
  3. Eliminate obsolescence with the delivery of high quality, on-demand printed pieces
  4. Control the ordering process of all marketing materials with location/user budgets and robust order management tools
  5. Report in real-time by location, user, item, etc.

To learn more, please visit the FlightDeck Portal website.

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