More direct marketing from Google

I receive more direct mail from Google than anyone. There’s a clear message that direct mail works when a strictly online company uses so much print and mail.

Today I received this box:

It took me awhile to figure out what that little cup there is. Turns out it’s this:

It’s the base for Google Home (looks like Google’s answer to Alexa). It’s personalized with a little sticker with my name on it. The kit itself is completely personalized.

Google is using gifts to drive business to the Cloud Platform.  I got off light….some people are getting a Chrome Book.

From the article:  The psychological trick here is clear — they are replacing corporate motivations with a personal one. Everyone loves free stuff. And if you talk to any B2B sales person, they will tell you that personal motivations are a huge driver of any enterprise sale. Like it or not, people are still thinking more about themselves than about their companies. On average, or course. And unless it is a startup.

Consider this in your own B2B marketing.  Dimensional mail,  a small gift, and a personalized message can have a big impact. Of course, if you can afford to send out laptops, that couldn’t hurt either.


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