Postal Reg Changes and Updated Lists

In the near future the post office will begin charging us a monthly fee if we exceed 0.8%103307_dg_mailer2_page_1 in NCOA errors out of our total mailing quantity for each month. In order to avoid exceeding this percentage, it will become our default procedure to remove any records from the mailing which contain chargeable offenses. We will provide a list of the offending records so you can clean your lists accordingly. If these records still need to mail, we will charge the first class rate for them (0.47) but know that these pieces still may not reach their intended recipient.

The NCOA errors include records which contain the following match flag(s) when run through NCOA:

Failed DPV (Delivery Point Verified): If an address fails primary DPV processing. (Ex. Street name does not exist, or has multiple close matches but no exact ones)

Vacant Address: If the USPS considers an address to be vacant.

No Forwarding Address: If, during Move Update, the system finds a record of a move without a forwarding address, this address will be considered undeliverable. It is a valid, correct address, but the intended recipient no longer occupies this address. This corresponds to NCOALink Match Flags F (foreign move), K (no forwarding address), G (PO box closed) and X (other). Please see NCOALink footnotes and error code descriptions.

We will continue to send all move updates back with the postage statements so that our customers can update their mail lists.

Please remember that the software only looks for moves that occurred within the last 48 months. If regular updates are not maintained there is a higher margin for errors leading to additional charges. Our recommendation is to use a unique identifier (ex. Customer ID) within the lists sent to us, which can be used to update addresses more easily.

We are happy to send back a clean final list, with all errors removed and move updates included. (This may not include all of the demo info in your current list, so keep an eye on that)

We hope that in the long run this new system will avoid wasted postage and sending mail that will not reach its final destination.