Green Resources

We are Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC ®) certified. Our chain-of-custody certificate allows us to add FSC® statements and logos to your printed pieces.  This program seeks to certify that individual forests are grown in an environmentally and socially-responsible manner.

Years ago marketers simply included the “chasing arrows” recycled logo to communicate an environmentally-friendly message. The recycled logo’s weakness is its narrow scope; only illustrating that the paper was (or could be) re-used. It says nothing about the environmental concerns we now face such as deforestation, pollution, and carbon emissions. In addition, it does nothing to address the adverse affects that harvesting forests can have on wildlife and indigenous peoples. Addressing all of these concerns – including recycled content – is now possible. In fact, the options today are so numerous the decision on what paper to use and how to maximize the message at the lowest cost is difficult.


We have always been a company very conscious of our community, our environment, and our impact.


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