Save on Direct Mail Costs By Mailing More?

Is it possible to pay less in postage by mailing more? Actually, yes. Depending on certain factors

The US Postal Service gives a healthy discount to pieces mailed using carrier route sorting rather than standard pre-sort mail (formerly called bulk mail).  We recently saved a customer almost $9,000 while mailing around 10,000 more pieces than they had in their previous catalog mailings.

The customer sells residential LP gas service, and has 62 locations throughout the Southeast US. Catalogs are mailed to their customers bi-annually, and they augment their customer mail list with purchased data records. However, in previous mailings, the company purchased mailing lists based on standard demographics (household income, ZIPS, etc.) with little attention payed to how that data would coincide with postal routes.

That is where The Daniels Group came in. We took a closer look at how these catalogs were mailing in an effort to better utilize the company’s marketing budget. We found that their previous print and mail vendor had not explored purchasing data records and sorting their customer records to coincide with local USPS postal routes.

The Daniels Group was able to augment the company’s customer data with purchased records that “fill in” postal routes. The USPS gives significant postage discounts based on this type of route sorting, and in this instance, we were able to save the company $0.10 each on the postage per catalog mailed, compared to those mailed by their previous vendor.

This resulted in an almost $9,000 in postage savings, allowing the company to convert that savings into producing and mailing out around 10,000 more catalogs to their prospects. This allowed the company to broaden their reach in local markets, while actually spending less than they did with their previous print and mail vendor.

Could your marketing be doing more, while spending less?


Jeff Howell is an Account Executive with The Daniels Group, a marketing communications firm based in Asheville, NC. We are your mailing resource.  To learn more about how The Daniels Group can help with your next mailing project contact Jeff at (828)277-0706 or