David Griffiths

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How long have you worked at The Daniels Group?

For just over a year.

How long have you been in Sales?

I’ve spent the last two decades working with clients and helping to provide the most cost efficient way to allocate their marketing budgets.

What do you like best about selling?

What I love are the partnerships that you form, the mutual trust that comes with a relationship built on the mutual exchange of ideas.

What do The Daniels Group customers know that no one else knows?

Our clients know that we provide thoughtful analysis, carefully executed production values and the constant desire to present ideas that are unique to their market. Additionally, we plan ahead, to constantly provide our clients with the latest tools and technologies to enhance their identity and embolden their brands.

What is your favourite way to spend time outside of work?

Exploring new areas with my wife, running around with my dog, cooking as many times a week as I can and spending the colder months reading history books. Alternately, abandoning some of the aforementioned if receiving a visit from one of our daughters!

What’s your best marketing tip?

Do thorough research, thoroughly understand the marketplace and always be prepared for change.



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