Jeff Howell

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How long have you worked at The Daniels Group?
Starting my 12th year with the company.

How long have you been in Sales?
Since I graduated college (and that was a long time ago).

What do you like best about selling?
Meeting and talking with people, and helping customers grow their business.

What do The Daniels Group customers know that no one else knows?
I think our customers know that we bring something extra to the table, other than simply great printing. They know that we are going to listen to their goals and come at a specific project with those goals in mind.

What is your favorite way to spend time outside of work?
A game of catch with my son, playing music and sailing are my current, favorite pastimes.

What’s your best marketing tip?
Know your goal. Clearly defining the goal of a particular marketing effort is probably the single most important aspect of that campaign’s success. Once the goal is clearly defined, the road map to that goal becomes much easier to follow. You have to know what success will look like, before you can say you’ve arrived.

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