Stand Out with Frost Digital Varnish

FROST is a digital spot varnish that is the first of its kind in Western North Carolina. Our digital press will take your projects to the next level with all the coolness of a spot varnish combined with the speed and cost effectiveness you have come to expect from a digital press.

Some of the ways FROST can enhance your next print project:

frost digital varnish in print

FROST from The Daniels Group adds creative effects that bring your prints to life and get your messages noticed.Whether used for highlighting areas with spot treatment, creating a smooth, even sheen with flood treatment or simulating metallic effects, FROST brings you a new dimension in digital printing.

With FROST you can:

  • Highlight images for visual variety, making them “pop” off the page
  • Draw attention to headlines or variable text
  • Highlight photos and logos
  • Simulate pearlescent or metallic appearance
  • Apply digital watermarks to add artistic effects or enhance security
  • Enhance print quality of textured stocks

It’s also easy  to achieve stunning results by designing with FROST in mind.  Once you get started, you’ll want to add the depth, dimensionality, subtlety and intrigue FROST can bring to all your printed pieces.

View/Download the instructions to add FROST into your piece: