The New Standard in Mail

Many commercial printers choose to outsource their mailing services, if they offer it at all. However, we believe that
staying on top of changing US Postal regulations helps us to both improve the cost-effectiveness of your mailing and
removes one more responsibility from your plate. By staying in control of both printing and mailing, we ensure that mail
delivery of time-sensitive pieces happens when you need it to happen.

mailboxesOur mailroom is fully equipped to handle any direct mail or kitting or fulfillment need. We invested in a new inserter that expands our capabilities to do complex “hand matched” direct mail quickly and efficiently. We can also help with mail list creation, clean up, and response management.

Our new inserter meets the workflow demands of almost every mailing application – from direct mail campaigns to highly sensitive mailings such as medical billing, payroll and financial statements. Unique reading technology interprets almost any type of intelligent coding. It also has the ability to process flats effectively and efficiently.

• Letter and legal size documents
• Inserts, BRE’s, and booklets up to 6 mm thick
• Variable page document sets of up to 50 pages
• Promotional materials, DVD’s or CD’s
• Coated and glossy sheets or booklets