The Power of Touch

Haptic marketing has been a buzzword for a few years now.  Marketers are applying the importance of touch.  “Haptic” is to touch as “Optics” are to vision.   Touch is incredibly important to grabbing the attention of your audience.

Increasingly, haptics have invaded the digital space. Also called tactile marketing or sensory marketing, digital ads employ haptics to engage the user. https://www.immersion.com/products-services/touchsense-ads/

Print is the original ‘haptic’ marketing.  Soft Touch coating has been making a big splash.  It adds a velvety feel to your print pieces.   It’s like umami for the hands.  Coatings can be a great way to add this feeling, but for pieces that mail,  the stronger option is soft touch lamination.  This achieves protection from the mail stream, and delivers that peachfuzz feel to your pieces.   It’s scratch resistant and protective,  yet lends a delicate feel to your printed piece.  Achieve a true dull look that is fingerprint resistant, and extend the life of your printed pieces.   Talk to us about how you can achieve this elegant upgrade to your pieces!

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