The Tradeshow Jumble

By Tim Bryant

In most businesses today, space comes at a premium. Desks are crammed together with co-workers close and the closet at the end of the hall is full of stuff. Add to that the jumble of materials needed to go to more than one trade show per year and you’ve got some serious space management issues. In fact, several of our print communication customers require us to call before we make any deliveries because they simply have no extra room.

At The Daniels Group, things are a bit different. In addition to our print, call center and mailing services, we’ve been providing warehousing & fulfillment for our larger customers for several years. That means we’ve got a lot of space, and it has allowed us to offer a new service to clients — Tradeshow Management.

Whether clients go to two to five shows per year, or they attend 126 or more, we help provide storage space for their booths, monitors, printed materials, extension cords and show “giveaways.”  But, it’s more than just storage – with our FlightDeck Portal software we can manage the trade show process from start to finish.

We recently added a new customer who attends more than 100 trade shows per year. They had invested a lot of money building a website to help them manage the process, however, that site didn’t integrate easily with their current vendor. As a result, they were having to make double entries and had trouble keeping inventories accurate.

To help, we built them a FlightDeck portal that included ordering, inventory management and a robust reporting module.

We now manage their entire trade show process including booths, monitors, print-on-demand items for certain shows, and pick & pack shipping for specific items. Some orders have “out and back” pieces where we update inventories and keep things current. In addition, sometimes a monitor needs to be at a show in Vegas this week and at one in Houston the following week. Our team manages the process smoothly and efficiently so that monitors and other items are always where they need to be. We also do the quality check after a show and repair or replace items that have been damaged.

For most companies trade shows are a flurry of activity and a scramble once or twice a year. We can help bring peace-of-mind to this process by keeping your trade shows on track, so you can pay attention to the important things – like following up on all those leads you collected at the show.


Tim Bryant is the VP of Sales Development for The Daniels Group in Asheville, NC. The Daniels Group is a communications company with the tools and knowledge to help you grow your business. Feel free to start a conversation with Tim at