Top 10 Postage Discounts

  1. Postage meters make cents. Save 9% on postage rates just by using a postage meter.
  2. Keep packages under 1lb and pay less.
  3. Know when it pays to downsize. Take advantage of shape-based pricing.
  4. Ever heard of Commercial Base Pricing? It’s a no-brainer.
  5. Day specific delivery — New savings with Priority Mail.
  6. USPS delivers every day. Even Sundays. At no extra charge.
  7. Get bulk/standard mail rates. Starting at 200 pieces.
  8. Priority Mail flat rate boxes. Heavy package? No worries. If it fits, it ships.
  9. Parcel Select. Best short distance ground shipping available.
  10. USPS® Mail Design Analysts = Free Advice. Confused? Call them.