Wait, you have a call center?

Barber Melton and Elsa Bullman – our first two operators

Ernest Daniels came to Asheville, NC to die of tuberculosis.  As Jim Daniels used to tell it,  ‘he didn’t die,  so he had to do something,  so he started a business’.     Ernest made a deal with a law firm downtown that in exchange for the use their typewriter and desk in the evenings to type papers for businesses around Pritchard Park,  he would type their papers in the daytime.  Eventually he parlayed this into the money to buy his own typewriter and he set up shop on a bench.  Ultimately this became a secretarial service.

In those days,  Ma Bell did most of the answering service in town.   In 1955 they approached Ernest and asked if he would take it off their hands, and being a consummate entrepreneur,  he agreed.  They set him up with all of the equipment, which at the time was the old cord boards (Think One Ringy Dingy!)

The only other service in town was run by a bedridden blind woman.  She laid in bed with 9 phones and determined which was ringing by the vibration.  He approached her and bought her business.  So, briefly, in 1955 we were the only answering service game in town.

Over the years we’ve been able to apply our unique call center services to lend a full service approach to marketing support.  Either by taking reservations for an event, to offer help desk for a project,  to monitor response to a fundraising project,  the ways print can be married to telephone response are endless.   As technology widens the distance between your customers or constituents and you,  a more hand’s on,  personal approach is more important than ever.