Why Open an Envelope?

Research conducted by the Envelope Manufacturers Association Foundation (EMAF) determined the TOP 10 REASONS why a consumer will open an envelope mailed to them. Below is that list with a few additional comments from Daniels Graphics to reflect what we’ve observed.

Rank Percent Description Our Comments
1 70% Name Of Sender & Return Address People are suspicious of mail when they don’t know who sent it. Some might even see it as a security threat.
2 55% Very Obvious – I know Exactly What It Is About As long as your offer is a strong one, making it obvious is a good idea. This doesn’t tend to work if the offer is complicated.
3 47% Addressed to Me By Name Who opens “Current Resident” mail? Nobody. The B2B equivalent is using the title (e.g. Marketing Director). Use people’s names whenever you can.
4 42% Envelope is Hand- Addressed Shows that the sender took care and that you are not one in a thousand.  This   is harder to make work when each addressee actually is one in a thousand or more. Certain fonts and technologies can help mimic handwriting.
5 35% Has a Real Postage Stamp Postage and handling is more expensive this way but results are better too. Personally, we like to use the special series stamps instead of the standard “flag” stamp, since it draws more attention (see Captain America above).
T6 28% Protection of the Contents, Such as Padding Not only does it make you wonder what you are protecting inside, but it serves as a sort of dimensional mail (a.k.a. “bumpy” mail) without incurring ridiculously huge mail costs.
T6 28% A Little Mysterious – I Don’t Know What It’s About This flies in the face of #2 above, but if it is done right it can work. The creative elements you use on the envelope play a big part here.
8 27% Stands Out From Other Mail, Distinctive One more area where creativity is key.   Different shapes,  colors, sizes are  simple ways of getting at this. Be careful – distinctive sizes and shapes can also mean significantly more postage costs.
9 23% Sense of Urgency – Sent/Marked Special Delivery or Priority Mail Regardless of the marketing mechanism, giving a deadline increases the sense of urgency and open rates.
T10 20% Message or Text Written Outside A teaser, as long as the offer inside is strong, works to your advantage.
T10 20% Personalized Message Tailored For Me Personalization works, but only when you have a solid database. If you use “Edward” in your personalization, but the person goes by “Ed,” you have hurt yourself.