Woman Owned Business – Partnering with Purpose

By Dianne Timberlake,  Strategic Brand Ambassador

The Daniels Group became HUB (Historically Underutilized Business) certified in North Carolina in December 2018 and certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) in May 2019.  By government standards we are a small business (<$23M/year; <500 employees).  We employ about 73 people. However, we are a big expression of quality and service anchored by dedicated leaders and employees since 1948.  

The Impact of Woman Owned Businesses on The Economy

The National Association of Women Business Owners reported that in 2017 woman owned businesses generated $1.7 Trillion in sales, employing 9 million people.  Woman and minority owned small businesses like The Daniels Group support individuals, young and old, single parents and families by providing at least a living wage, benefits such as medical and dental insurance.  Our businesses offer the opportunity to be part of something meaningful in the retail, manufacturing, service and construction industries making significant contributions to the economy.

Supplier Diversity Programs

It is breathtaking to see the number of corporations and government agencies that sponsor supplier diversity programs, opening their doors to a range of possibilities for getting work done.  Some have robust processes and staff to support this intent.  Some put up a façade with little support behind it.  It’s understandable that some department heads feel burdened by the pressure to look for other options besides their usual “go-to” suppliers.  Who wants to (a) be told how run their department and (b) who has time to go searching among the unknown for what may or may not be a good fit among new business partners?

Supplier Diversity includes those mentioned so far as well as LGBT+, veterans, and people with disabilities. Selecting a new diverse supplier should be treated the same as a new hire.  Take the process seriously, know what you are looking for and how to determine if what they say about performance matches reality.  Not to worry, there is support for Historically Underutilized businesses, but also for corporations seeking to engage them.  Local, state and federal agencies and their non-profit partners are great resources.  The Carolinas- Virginia Minority Supplier Development Council and the NC Department of Administration’s Office for Historically Underutilized Businesses have seen the successes and failures and can share insights. Companies with robust Supplier Diversity programs (e.g. processes and people) will have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.  Look for peers on Linked In, Facebook and of course, Google.

Finally, don’t be afraid of change – trust your instincts and go for it! Get creative, try a new supplier with small projects to get a sense of capabilities, performance and relationship styles before plunging into large projects.

The Daniels Group Mission is To Grow Your Business

The new designation is simply another facet of our company’s evolution.  We bring to the table a unique set of attributes that add value to our partnerships, broadening the knowledge base of our clients, expanding their creativity.  Doing business with us is easy and while excellence is our goal, we respect the fact that the customer is most important in this equation. Our customer base is diverse! You’ll find that we often weigh in on what works and what doesn’t as an added benefit of our experience with flexibility that integrates your creativity. We represent one element of supplier diversity that brings a fresh new approach. Our team is large enough to easily handle the most complex projects, and small enough to remain nimble and personalized.

No doubt you have a choice among hundreds of companies that do print and offer marketing and call center services.  What differentiates the Daniels Group is the solidity with which quality is anchored throughout the organization’s internal relationships and processes.  This fact makes for a finely crafted end product for each customer, whether it’s a portal or a new print peice.  In it, you will feel the groundedness of 70 years of focus, care and the desire for perfection.

There are ample ways to share the wealth of this great nation through supplier diversity programs. There’s more than enough to go around.  Let’s partner with purpose to grow your business and our economy!

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